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[ Hand Engraver ]

Why hand engraving?

Why not?

After working several years with computers, I needed a hobby that was not -- completely -- computer related.

Oh how naive was... fortunately for me, technology has also helped me to find online material, and very good and supportive people who is willing to teach you about this 'dying art'

I will try to explain the process to get a project done. You can expand the section from the right for more detailed information.

Usually, people asks "oh do you think we could work on getting my name engraved on this item?"
It is not the same to engrave a cheap keyring than a family antique. Sometimes it is difficult to go for it because the risk to engrave something very sentimental or valuable to you cannot be replaced.

We need to check the item: material, value and potential ideas.
Usually, one of two things happen: either I present my idea to you, or we work together on it.

At this point extra materials and techniques are discussed: will it be engraved, sculpted, will it have gold, solver, copper inlays?
This is one of my favourite steps, as hand engraving process itself starts. It is usually something we can call slow, but in reality it is just a time consuming thing -- it shows on the quality on the final result!
There is only an extra step at this point, on your side: patience.

"Patience is not simply the ability to wait. It's how we behave while waiting."

-- Joyce Meyers

(and oh boy, lots of patience were required to learn this job)
-- Alvaro De la Cruz
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Working hours on my hands already!

Every little detail counts, since you start drawing the first line until you pack and ship your precious item.